Where to find accurate car news in Dubai
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Where to find accurate car news in Dubai
By Neel Patira
August 11,2022
3 min read


For people truly etched by the mojo of the automotive world, experiencing different makes and models is what they fantasize about. However, this is a far-fetched dream for many and so for most, reading news about happenings in the automotive industry, car launches, reviews, etc. is extremely therapeutic. The alchemy cautiously created by images worth drooling over and the valuable content that describes the car is one of the finest means of taking pleasure for these ardent enthusiasts. 

However, in this industry where a dollop of content is published on an everyday basis, there are certain sources which might not provide authentic information based on true facts. Hence, one should always verify the source before consuming content from that forum so that he isn’t misguided by false knowledge and louche content streamers. 

There are certain websites and blogs where car news in Dubai is found that are genuine and will always deliver right information at the right time in an uncensored manner. Here are some of these:


  • Gulf News

One of the leading news magazines in the UAE, this is where one can find a healthy dose of information pertaining to cars, bikes or any other machine even faintly resembling an automobile. It has for long, been the trusted source of a motley variety of people. On certain occasions, its online magazine, Friday also features car reviews, stories of those passionate folks who provided stimulus to an active automotive community in the UAE, owners’ experiences of their vintage and exotic cars among others. The newspaper, now conspicuously available in a website avatar, is resorted to be read by many because of the venerable image it has created for itself in the decades that have fleeted by. It also allows one to simply type the keywords on its search function and in a flash, you will be welcomed by all the content where those words are found. 



  • Khaleej Times

It’s almost inevitable to mention the name of this newspaper when we quote Gulf News. As its potential rival, Khaleej Times is another source where spanking content related to the exhilarating world of automotives is rampant. Albeit it has spawned its own weekly magazine christened WKND, one would have appreciated had something related to this genre been published in it. 



  • Automotive portals

While those newspapers mentioned above provide an adequate quantum of content, nothing beats the accuracy, content and presentation flair of websites stinging onto just everything related to wheeled objects. In addition to UAE car news, they also provide reviews that are expert’s opinions on a specific product and feature used car listings for one to trade his car or purchase a model. Consider these sources as those small scale maps where every feature of the land and water is shown in magnifying detail. Their advantage is that nothing related to car news in the UAE is left uncovered. Moreover, people tend to visit such websites as these are specialised in nature and are positioned to create utmost trust in those who are determined to get the best of everything. One such portal in the UAE is Established in 2012, it has grown to become the UAE’s largest automotive site.

In essence, all the sources provide precise and regular flow of car news. However, it depends on the reader’s perception as to which source he would select to get what he desires. 

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