RAM 1500 2019 Review

RAM 1500 2019

The RAM 1500 has offered buyers practicality and performance by the “truck-load” since 1981 and this all-new fifth-generation model is larger, lighter, and more luxurious than any before it. A sizeable upgrade over the previous model then, the 2019 RAM is a great all-rounder and it’s out to teach the segment leader (the Ford F-150) a worthwhile lesson.


RAM 1500 2019 Side

While the previous generation model was all about aesthetic brawniness with prominent bulges and a furious expression, the 2019 model is far sleeker. The iconic crosshair grille has been replaced by one that features Active Shutters for better fuel economy and is flanked by full LED headlights. Distinguishing it from other trims, this full-option model gets chrome bumpers, chrome headlight surrounds, and large 22-inch chrome wheels.

In the back, the chrome treatment continues with twin exhausts and a bold RAM logo that embellishes the electronically opening tailgate. Complementing its segment-leading towing figures, the RAM 2019 offers a payload of 834-kilograms and a mighty practical bed that offers 1,520 liters of storage with LED lights and plenty of hooks.


RAM 1500 2019 Interior

Pick-up trucks have always had the requirement for being spacious and practical, but over the past few years there’s also been a need for them to be luxurious. Claimed to be the most luxurious truck in its class, the RAM 1500 features real wood trim, plenty of soft decorative leather with stitching along the door panels and center arm rest, and floor mats made of a combination of rubber and carpet for that useable yet luxurious touch.

Worth highlighting is the amount of space that the RAM1500 offers passengers, both in the front and the back. Far from economy travel, those in the back are spoiled with USB and USB-C charging ports, heated and cooled seats, and plenty of storage areas in the door, behind the seats, and under the floor.

RAM 1500 2019 Limited Plaque Arm Rest

In a move that most manufactures haven’t considered, RAM has gone to great lengths to help buyers of its full-option model feel truly special. Those who shell out enough for this full-option model receive a unique key with Limited written on it, and a special plaque along the center armrest which works as a subtle reminder that they’re seated in the best of the best.


RAM 1500 2019 Interior - 2

The RAM 1500’s shift from work truck to luxury truck is most evident when going through its extensive list of features. Things such as a panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane keeping assist were all unheard of in its class but not anymore. In fact, with a 19-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, electronically adjustable pedals and an 8.5-inch instrument cluster display, it’s better equipped than most SUVs in its price range.

Keeping all the previous features aside, however, the RAM 1500 is equipped with some truly revolutionary tech, features that other manufacturers should definitely take notice of. One such feature is the convenient phone holder clips with wireless charging, not only do these stop your phone from moving about while driving but they also prevent your phone from eating into a cupholder and charge it as soon as it’s in place.

RAM 1500 2019

Equally impressive is the option to individually switch off the front and rear parking sensors. If you’re sitting there questioning when you’d ever need to use this feature, think about hooking your truck to a trailer and then putting it into reverse. The sensors would beep like crazy and they might be the reason you end up having an accident.


RAM 1500

Carrying over the tried and tested 5.7-liter HEMI V8 from previous models, the RAM 2019 churns out a respectable 395 horsepower and 556 Nm of torque. Tuned for refinement, however, it is calm and composed with a quiet cabin, smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission and Active Noise Cancellation adding to its luxurious feel.

With towing rated at 5,134 kilos, the RAM 1500 offers the highest towing capacity in its class, but that is a secondary concern for most buyers. More importantly, it averages 14-liters/100-kilometers and that is made possible by the Active Shutters that close in the front grille for improved aerodynamic efficiency and cylinder deactivation which switches off four cylinders when cruising or coasting.

RAM 1500 2019 Gears

Armed with an air suspension set-up, the new model offers five different ride height settings starting off with an entry/load level and working its way up maximum height for off-road annihilation. Part of the five steps is also an aerodynamic height that is automatically activated when going at highway speeds to maximize fuel efficiency.


RAM 1500 2019 Back

The 2019 RAM 1500 claims to be the most luxurious truck in its class and there’s very little reason to question that. In fact, not only is the 2019 RAM 1500 the best RAM ever made, but it’s also possibly the best pick-up truck ever made. The ideal blend of practicality and performance, the all-new model is perfect in many ways, and as is the case with perfection, it doesn’t come cheap. Prices for this full-option model stand at AED 320,000, but due to an introductory promotion they have been reduced to a more reasonable AED 256,000 in the UAE. So go on, fulfill your dreams to own a luxury pick-up truck. 

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