Police crackdown on modified vehicles in UAE

UAE Police

Traffic authorities have announced that over 11,000 motorists were fined for driving modified vehicles in the UAE last year. The drivers, especially youngsters, were caught on main roads and in residential areas while causing a nuisance and disturbing residents with vehicles that were heavily modified and over the legally approved limit.

As per Article 20 of the Federal Traffic Law, motorists found guilty of driving a heavily modified vehicle or noisy vehicle are fined AED 2,000 and given 12 black points while those found guilty of driving with loud music are fined AED 400 and given 4 black points.

Traffic authorities have taken this opportunity to remind youngsters that racing on public roads and in residential areas is heavily frowned upon as it poses a grave risk to the lives of road users and passersby. Those caught doing so will be stopped, face legal action, and have their vehicles seized.

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