Payment for Abu Dhabi toll gate system begins today

Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System

Following a successful trial period that permitted motorists to register their vehicles and pass through the recently installed toll gates without being charged, 2nd January 2020 marks the day that motorists will need to start paying tolls when driving within or passing through the capital.

Unlike the SALIK toll system currently being used in Dubai, the Abu Dhabi toll gates only charge motorists during peak hours with off-peak hours being free to pass. Peak hours and days are between 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm, from Saturday through to Thursday.

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Prices for registering a vehicle are AED 100 with AED 50 from that amount being transferred back into the user’s account. People of determination, senior Emirati citizens, low-income Emiratis, and retired Emiratis are exempt from paying the toll fees. Additionally, taxis, public and school buses, towed vehicles, electric vehicles, motorbikes, and public buses with 26 or more seats are also exempt from paying the toll.

Currently there are four toll gates placed around Abu Dhabi city, these are at Shaikh Zayed Bridge, Shaikh Khalifa Bridge, Al Maqta Bridge, and Mussaffah Bridge. AED 4 is the amount motorists will be charged for passing through the toll gate with a maximum cap of AED 16 per vehicle per day.


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