New radars monitor and fine motorists in Abu Dhabi

Smart gates Abu Dhabi

Today marks the launch of several new radar towers installed on the busy Al Ain – Abu Dhabi highway in the UAE. Abu Dhabi Police have urged motorists to stick to the speed limits displayed on the screens, noting that the new radars capture traffic violation such as exceeding speed limits, expired vehicle registrations, unauthorized heavy vehicles, and tailgating in addition to stopping on the hard shoulder, and blocking traffic.

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With the objective of the smart gates being to reduce traffic accidents and enhance the safety of motorists and other road users, the new gates monitor traffic violations and weather conditions to send instant signals to determine the speed of vehicles on the road according to the visibility. In addition to reminding road users to renew their vehicle registration or face fines of AED500, four traffic points, and having their vehicle impounded for seven days, Abu Dhabi Police stressed the importance of following the messages during volatile weather conditions to improve the road safety of all users.


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