Luxury brand EXEED launches in the UAE


EXEED is a new luxury brand in town about which you should know about. The Chinese brand looks to push the boundaries of automobile design and equip its cars with leading technology. The brand set foot in the UAE and announced its arrival via an online conference attended by the region’s leading media.


The brand is launching three SUVs - the VX, TXL and LX. The VX is EXEED’s flagship SUV offering featuring stuff like 2 + 3 + 2 luxury seven seating, AI intelligent technology, and BorgWarner AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system.


EXEED calls the TXL “a super five-star SUV in intelligence, space, appearance and quality” while the LX is a mid-size SUV offering the brand’s luxurious features in a relatively smaller size.

EXEED aims at constantly exploring and surpassing” themselves and looks to mix it with the big boys of the luxury automotive industry like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW.

Mr. Liu, Vice General manager of Middle East Region for EXEED, said: “EXEED has been successfully launched in different markets including Eastern Europe, Middle East and South American as well as others within one year time. EXEED is the new luxury brand from China, but we are dedicated to build the brand to a global automobile brand within the near future.”


“At the same time, through the ultimate user experience, the concept of BBE (BWM, Benz, EXEED) is created, so that more and more customers can feel the high-end experience of EXEED,” he concluded.


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