Generation e partners with The Sustainable City to inspire transformation to smarter mobility

The Sustainable City (also known as the Happiest Community in the GCC) will host Smarter Mobility World 2020 on 24th and 25th March. The push for cleaner and greener mobility will help reduce carbon emissions, congestion, and air pollution while increasing access to mobility for all. 

Why The Sustainable City?

The Sustainable City is the host venue and has been carefully selected based on the real-life context it provides when discussing smarter mobility. The venue has caught the attention of many great leaders such as H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and many celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Akon, Robert Lewellyn and many more.

Recognized as ‘The Happiest Community’ in the GCC for three years running, The Sustainable City is home to a natural, green, and relaxing ambiance with the property comprising of 60% green spaces and two lakes of recycled greywater. In addition to creative spaces for thinking outside the box, The Sustainable City offers a diversified range of sustainable mobility options that include access to public transportation, communal electric buggies, concierge services, EV charging stations, and soon an EV sharing program.

Why Smarter Mobility World in Dubai?

There is a real need to reduce carbon emissions, improve on decongesting the roads, and reduce air pollution. Not only does smarter mobility help reduce the environmental impact of moving people and products from A to B, but there are clear social and economic benefits from providing a more inclusive mobility system.

Smarter Mobility World (SMW) 2020 brings together ideators, policy makers, thought leaders and consumers, to experience new forms of mobility and collaborate to discuss their challenges. SMW 2020 will attract audiences and exhibitors from Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia to attend and showcase some of the latest technologies.

Who will be there?

Smarter Mobility World will be joined by over 100 experts in the industry from all around the world such as Roger Atkins, an EV advocate and inspiring and motivational people such as Hein Wagner who will be attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the Blind Land Speed Record in an Electric Vehicle during EVRT Dubai 2020.

The event is expected to see 500 delegates from government and business sectors, as well as 1,000 visitors from across the globe. Complimenting the forum will be workshops and roundtables along with mobility pitches and test drive opportunities in a dedicated area of The Sustainable City.

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