Galadari Automobiles response to Coronavirus

The Covid-19 Virus is an incredible and giant challenge for all of us, our company, our government, our health systems, our family and our economy. Our daily routines have been impacted drastically by working from home and children asked to stay at home doing eLearning instead of going to school.

We have to be agile and adapt to our new everyday lifestyle routine. We need to take care of our body, eat healthy and strengthen our immune system by doing daily physical exercise.

I’m fully confident that the measures of our great leaders will limit the impact on our wonderful country so we will be out of this situation more sooner than later. I would like to thank all the front liners who have been protecting us. We are paying tribute to the immense contribution from Police, Civil Defense and Health staff to our society of UAE nationals and residents. Their support to contain the spread of COVID-19 is essential for the wellbeing for all of us.


As a precaution and preventive measure, Galadari Automobiles has implemented a lot of initiatives to ensure that our staff and customers are safe and our processes are in line with Government guidelines. To support our customers in this difficult time we have extended our services:

  • Pick & Drop for Service customers
  • Test Drive at home
  • The SANI-CAR is using Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) that is highly effective (kills bacterias, viruses, and germs), safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, without the use of toxic chemicals that may harm your leather or other sensitive materials! We will clean all interior surfaces with SAO to ensure that all viruses and bacterias are killed.


I salute to all the staff that has worked relentlessly in the last couple of weeks especially those who worked in the front line and interacted with customers to ensure that operations have been maintained and customers been served.

Let’s face this challenge together. Our collective willpower is bigger and stronger than this virus! Together we are the driving force!

Axel Dreyer,


Mazda and Corona

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