Evocargo inks agreement with RTA to inspect autonomous cargo solutions in the UAE


As the Expo 2020 Dubai let us all have a glance at what the future could unfold into in terms of technology, mobility, commerce and trade, here’s Evocargo, an autonomous cargo transportation company which looks forward to make its presence soar in the global and regional markets and has signed a contract with the UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for testing its autonomous electric hydrogen-powered vehicles.


The two organisations will be presenting the Evocargo autonomous vehicle at the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport and make this agreement of cooperation and object of critically appraising Autonomous Logistics in Dubai on the 27th of October, 2021, public.

Mr. Andrei Bolshakov, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Evocargo International Holdings Limited said, “We have ambitious targets to create awareness of smart logistics service provided by full-size unmanned vehicles EVO.3 (N3 class) and EVO.1 (N1 class) which significantly impacts the logistics industry. With UAE being the best place to develop new business connections and potential clients, our cooperation with Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai offers us an ideal platform highlight our latest Autonomous innovations in Smart Logistics service.”


Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, Chief Executive Officer of Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) said, “We are delighted to bring the self-driving technology to external customers and public at large as this will improve our services, and help us ensure that 25 percent of all transportation trips in Dubai is through smart and driverless modes.”

Various platforms depending on their capacity to accommodate weight have been prepared and been eponymous with different model names. Its EVO.1 (3.5 tons) and EVO.3 (44 tons) are the cutting-edge innovations for the LCVs and HCVs that are the current but obsolete denizens of the tarmac. These appliances provide robotisation logistics facilities which are touted to reduce transportation costs by as much as 60-percent. Both these solutions will be a part of the congress and will make their appearance there to provide a thorough glimpse into what they mean, how the sophisticated solutions will appear and the way of operation.


A segment of the company, Evocargo tailor makes personalised logistics 4-wheeled gadgets to be the keystone for the provision of smarter, ecological, sustainable and efficient machines for their business needs. Supply of autonomous vehicles will bring about their creativity and ground-breaking facilities in the cargo transportation ecosystem.

The Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport witnessed participation from popular experts, policy makers, technology manufacturers, researchers and leading academia. Along with him, others at the rendezvous were Eng. Muammar Al Katheeri, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Smart City DSOA, Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO at Public Transport Agency-Roads and Transport Authority and Prof. Sebastian Thurn, CEO of Kitty Hawk. 

‘Autonomous mobility’ has become the word of the season with several global companies putting their hands into providing such solutions at shoestring budgets for the masses. This all-pervasive phrase has gained global acceptance and recognition so much that the conferences are being organised on it. Dubai being a place endearing technology, it would be awe-inspiring to see how autonomous and hydrogen-led mobility evolve logistics and whether it would prove to be competent, take the challenge and succeed or be an ailing service for the people who’d ultimately have to resort back to conventional fuelled and manned mobility. Albeit this is a topic for the future, enforcement of this might lead to unemployment, a big ordeal today. Will it be solved if autonomous mobility becomes mainstream in the years and eons to come?  


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