Drifting Nissan LEAF proves Electric Vehicles can be fun

Electric Vehicles are known to be good for the environment and provide sustainable mobility, but for all that they deliver, driving pleasure and excitement have never been their forte. In a bid to challenge perceptions and prove that EVs can deliver on thrills, Nissan challenged a professional stunt driver to drift the LEAF electric hatchback around an abandoned warehouse and the results are simply magnificent.

In an unlikely pairing of adrenaline-inducing drifts and electric mobility, the LEAF demonstrated with ease its ability to produce both maximum torque and force, while delivering virtually silent donuts and burnouts. With zero emissions throughout the process, this indoor drift experiment provides yet another reason for us to smile at the prospect of future electric mobility.

Let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see the Nissan LEAF at the upcoming EVRT (Electric Vehicle Road Trip) Dubai taking place in March 2020. 

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