Beema launches first pay per kilometer car insurance in UAE

Beema Car Insurance UAE

The UAE car insurance market welcomes Beema, the first pay-per-kilometer insurance scheme in the region. The fundamental workings of Beema operate such that customers receive a percentage of cash back based on the number of kilometers driven each year. For motorists who have completed less than 20,000 kilometers in the year, they stand to benefit from a cash back of up to 25%.

 The team at Beema observed that motorists were faced with the same policy pricing irrespective of the number of kilometers driven on an annual basis – a common problem for multi-car owners. Beema’s pay-per-kilometer model addresses this challenge, and, with a fully online experience, allows users to easily obtain a quote in seconds and be fully insured within minutes.

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Paolo Gagliardi, CEO at Beema commented, “Beema is all about convenience and value – providing customers with an insurance policy that provides full coverage and fits their lifestyle and driving habits. This offering was designed specifically with the UAE market in mind, knowing the diverse pool of driving needs we have in the country.”

Underwritten by AXA, Beema provides the highest levels of motor protection in the Middle East. Policies with Beema also provide 24-hour accident recovery, guaranteed repairs and round-the-clock service. Kilometer readings are taken annually from the vehicle’s odometer so the customer’s journey will not be tracked by Beema.


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