Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review

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2016 Audi S8 Front

A stellar and envious reputation is the byproduct of continuous perfection; case in point, the Audi S8. Catered to those who value luxury and performance equally, the Audi S8 is the pinnacle of the brand’s line-up and has been since 1998. Occupying prominent position on the proverbial podium, it rivals the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S500 and the BMW 750i xDrive.

Key Features:  
Engine 4.0L Bi-Turbo / V8
Transmission 8-speed Automatic
Power 596 Hp / 750 Nm
Top Speed 250 km/h
Price AED 550,000



Tastefully styled, the Audi S8 Plus 2016 is aggressive without being ostentatious. Its styling exudes elegance, all while connoting the raw power hidden below its muscular hood and flared arches. Measuring 5,147mm in length, the Audi S8 Plus is flanked by the BMW 750i at 5,098mm and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at 5,246mm.

2016 Audi S8 Front - 2

With differences in the details, the S8 Plus is a carbon-fiber embellished piece of art. A set of stunning 21-inch wheels, a subtle body kit and larger air inlets, all aid in differentiating the performance variant from its standard sibling.

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Continuing the subtlety into the cabin, the interiors of the striking S8 Plus are bedecked with quilted leather, Alcantara and arras red stitching, all with that German perfection of course. Finished in a combination of piano black, silver, and carbon-fiber trims, the sportiness doesn’t encroach on the luxuriousness of it all.

2016 Audi S8 Interior

Bearing the shortest wheelbase in its class (2,994mm), the Audi S8 Plus delivers a thrilling experience behind the wheel, but forcibly foregoes a pinch of practicality in the process. With boot space measuring in at 424 liters, it’s significantly lesser than the BMW 750i at 509 liters and the Mercedes-Benz S500 at 530 liters.

2016 Audi S8 Rear Seat

Safety & Features

Equipped with the best the brand has to offer, the S8 Plus is home to a variety of safety and convenience features including, seat ventilation for front & rear seats, Night Vision Assist, Head-Up Display, 360° park assist, and adaptive cruise control.

2016 Audi S8

Worth mentioning, is the absolutely splendid 5.1 Surround Sound Bang & Olufsen sound system that pumps out a whopping 1,400 watts through its 19-speaker set-up scattered all across the cabin. Be it from Classical and Opera to R&B and Hip Hop, whatever gets you tapping your feet, it is safe to say that the aural experience, is unlike much else.

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Out on the streets of the UAE, it’s difficult to match the driving dynamics of the Audi S8 Plus, as in the simplest of words, it repeatedly defies physics. Powered by a 4.0-liter V8 Bi-Turbo engine, outputs are rated at 596 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque – figures that prove it punches well above its weight.

2016 Audi S8 Interior - 2

Mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, the Audi S8 Plus bears an electronically-restricted top speed of 250 km/h and scurries to the 100 km/h mark in a breathtaking 3.8 seconds. Whip out the calculator and that equates to a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio of 0.131 hp per 1 lb., as opposed to 0.105 hp per 1 lb. in the BMW 750i xDrive and 0.1 hp per lb. in the Mercedes-Benz S500.

2016 Audi S8 Interior - 3

But there’s more to the S8 Plus than its tarmac rippling acceleration that puts many a sports car to shame. The stiff sports suspension which drops the ride height by 10mm depending on the mode selected, is complimented with sticky Continental 275-width rubber to offer direct and extremely responsive steering – a characteristic unseen in a vehicle of its dimensions.

2016 Audi S8 Kickplate

When not carving corners or shaming other sports cars, the Audi S8 Plus 2016 dons its practicality hat, sipping just 10.0 liters / 100 kilometers – a figure that even V6 engines struggle to achieve. Having said that, you’d be hard-pressed not to give in to the S8’s charm and actually spend an afternoon attempting to achieve that figure.

2016 Audi S8 Side


Offering the best of both worlds and bearing a distinct advantage over its rivals, the Audi S8 Plus is in a league of its own. And although its AED 550,000 price tag is a sizeable one, it’s a fully justifiable one.

2016 Audi S8 Rear


Head-pinning acceleration is absolutely addictive

Ceramic brakes offer phenomenal stopping power when at high speeds


Not as practical as its rivals

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Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review
Audi S8 Plus 2016 Review


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