All About the New Launch of “OMODA & JAECOO” IN KSA THIS YEAR
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All About the New Launch of “OMODA & JAECOO” IN KSA THIS YEAR
By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
May 25,2023
3 min read

Geely's Omoda car in a modern city

Recently, OMODA & JAECOO have been gaining popularity among customers worldwide, particularly in Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and other EU countries. They plan to expand their reach to Saudi Arabia and 30 other countries in the third quarter of 2023. It is worth noting that OMODA & JAECOO's parent company in China is already serving 11.2 million consumers globally and is the largest passenger car exporter in China.


This suggests that OMODA & JAECOO are well prepared to enter the Saudi Arabian market with their research and development and experience. At the Shanghai auto show, they unveiled their OMODA 5 EV model. They have a prestigious reputation and widespread popularity among young, tech-savvy, and urban elite consumers worldwide who appreciate future technology and luxury. Their focus is on providing a lifestyle to their users, rather than just a means of transportation.



When a brand's aim is to provide a lifestyle to its customers rather than just a product, that's when brands like OMODA & JAECOO are created. OMODA represents advanced technology, which is why it's the brand of choice.


Their slogan, "CROSS FROM FUTURE," is based on the characteristics of their target consumers who value fashion and freedom and are not bound by traditional norms. OMODA is a bold brand that appeals to individuals who are fearless and passionate about socializing. OMODA is committed to delivering personalized, dynamic, technological, and intelligent travel experiences through its Crossover products.


Let us talk about JAECOO now. Although we do not usually summarize cars in one word, JAECOO makes it hard not to: it's sophisticated. Their global launch at the Shanghai auto show caught people's attention, and the media's response was evident when the curtains were raised.

 JAECOO's stunning design, both inside and out, exudes luxury. JAECOO is marketed as an urban road-off SUV brand and is geared towards urban elites with refined taste and exceptional style.


Chery's Jaecoo Car in the middle of nowere


OMODA & JAECOO's business strategy is as bold as its brand. While most car manufacturers rely on major distributors to conduct their business in KSA, OMODA & JAECOO have taken a different approach by setting up their own international offices in the capital city of Riyadh.


This means that they can provide a higher level of service in all aspects than any other car manufacturer. Their customers will have direct access to the principal company in KSA. Unlike other auto brands, car services will not be a major issue for OMODA & JAECOO, as their maintenance centres and other services will be directly supervised by their subsidiary in KSA.


 This will be a game-changer in the automobile industry in KSA. For sales, a few selected dealers will be assigned to each region, which will be monitored by the subsidiary in KSA. All showrooms and other facilities will be jointly developed with them.

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